Teleconference Instructions for Grant Panel Meetings

Panel meetings are a public process and anyone may participate. Applications will be discussed and reviewed in the order of the application list (see agenda). Participation in the teleconference is free. Call participants will be asked to introduce themselves during the introductions portion of the meeting. Follow the instructions below to dial in.

Applicant Participation

Applicants, your participation in the panel meeting process is not required; however, if you do participate, you will be given an opportunity to answer panel questions and to make updates to your application when your application is up for review.

You may stay on the line after your application is discussed or hang up. Staying on the line will give you the same benefit as in-person attendance as you will be able to listen to the entire process. Please refer to your panel agenda for a description of the meeting activities and your application list for the order in which applications will be reviewed.

There is no separate "telephone participation form" - you do not need to let us know ahead of time whether or not you will participate.

Instructions for Dialing in

  1. Join the teleconference by dialing the SUNCOM phone number: 1-888-670-3525. This is a toll-free call.
  2. Enter the 10 digit access code: 476 107 2530. (You will be placed on hold until the Chair starts the conference.)
  3. If you have problems joining the conference or if you need technical assistance, please contact the SUNCOM Conference Customer Care Line: 1-888-4-SUNCOM.
  4. If you join the meeting in progress, you will be asked to identify yourself when you receive access.
  5. You do not have to alert the panel when you ring out of the conference.

Please remember to "mute" your telephone when you are not speaking so that extraneous noises in your environment do not interfere with the panel meeting.

Thank you - we look forward to a successful meeting!